A life-changing change to my lunchtime routine

A life-changing change to my lunchtime routine


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My life changed this week. I discovered the power of the Light Lunch.

I’ve always been a Heavy Lunch kinda guy. For the past year, I’ve looked forward to a hot, hearty meal at lunchtime. I’d buy around £8 worth of hot food from the hospital cafeteria, sit in the doctors’ mess and chat to people while munching on my glorious hot meal.

Inevitably, I’d get the post-prandial dip. Blood flow would be diverted from my brain to my gut as my body’s parasympathetic nervous system would kick into ‘rest and digest’ mode. I’d find myself getting sleepy immediately after lunch, and so I’d buy a Latte from Costa Coffee and that would get me through the rest of the day.

Recently though, my brother (and podcast co-host) Taimur sold me on the promise of the Light Lunch. He said that since he discovered the Light Lunch, his days have improved, he has more energy, and he no longer feels grim in the afternoons. The day after we had this conversation, one of my work colleagues was also extolling the virtues of the Light Lunch. She brings in a small pasta + veg each day from work, or buys a salad from the hospital cafe. She too said that a Heavy Lunch makes her feel awful afterwards, whereas a Light Lunch was the dream.

With such glowing recommendations, I had to try it out. And so on Monday this week, I established a control group by eating my final Heavy Lunch - a big, hearty plate of Spaghetti Bolognese with broccoli on the side. Afterwards, I did feel pretty grim - I felt like taking a nap for the next 3 hours, and even a cheeky latte didn’t quite wake me from my stupor.

On Tuesday though, I decided to try the Light Lunch. I got a toasted sandwich (chicken + pesto + salad) with a glass of water. It was quite tasty, and at the end of it, I felt reasonably full but also not-at-all tired. I still had my post-lunch coffee, just as a matter of habit, but I noticed a huge improvement in my post-lunch energy levels.

I’ve repeated the pattern each day since, and 3 days later, I’m now a lifelong evangelist for the Light Lunch. It’s really great. If you’re a Heavy Lunch kinda guy/girl, you should definitely give it a try.

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