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Why we suck at asking for help

✍️ Writing

June 29, 2022

Around a month ago, I went on a retreat with a group of startup founders. One thing we spoke about is how many of us struggle to ask for help. A week or so after that retreat, my book editor Rachel said to me: “I feel like you don’t ask enough for help.” Since then, we’ve started […]

The Helper’s High

✍️ Writing

June 15, 2022

Hey friends, Last week went down really well on the writing front. We went on a team retreat in Wales and stayed in this amazing Air BnB. The goal I set for myself was to write a draft for Parts I and II of the book during the retreat. I embraced the “crappy first draft” […]

You’re not lazy if you procrastinate

✍️ Writing

June 1, 2022

Hey friends, Lately, I’ve been experimenting with writing at night and it’s working surprisingly well. It’s a tip that I got from our editor Rachel who says that our creative juices get going at different times in the day. I’ve been having moments late in the evening where I feel like I’m in the zone […]

Self-doubt and changing my mind too often

✍️ Writing

May 18, 2022

Hey friends, This week, I spent quite a lot of time on Zoom chatting to a bunch of people familiar with the book-writing world. It’s been both reassuring and alarming. It’s reassuring because it’s just nice to know that there’s a pool of experts where I can get feedback and share my concerns. I feel […]

Am I too boring to write a book?

✍️ Writing

May 4, 2022

I’ve been thinking about some personal stories that I want to include in my book as a way of sharing what I’ve learned about work, productivity, and happiness. Lately, most of the stories I’ve been thinking of are from my days as a junior doctor pulling long nights on a hospital ward. And I got […]

I went to Paris for 20 hrs to write my book

✍️ Writing

April 20, 2022

Hey friends, I recently took a 20-hour trip to Paris with some of my team to work on my book. I’ve been working with BookTuber Jack Edwards for some time on shaping the book and Jack happens to be one of these cool people who lives in Paris and takes sunset runs near the Eiffel Tower. We […]

Why autonomy is important for work

✍️ Writing

April 6, 2022

So far on the book journey, I’ve found two things harder than expected. The first is figuring out what I want to say. The second is figuring out how to say it. I think I’ve finally cracked the first problem and I plan to share some lessons on that in future emails. These past few weeks, I’ve spent a […]

What energizes you?

✍️ Writing

March 23, 2022

Hey friends, I originally set myself a deadline to complete the draft of my book by the end of March 2022. That deadline is about a week away. But the draft of the book is quite a distance away… The good news is that I’m feeling okay about this. I’m enjoying the process of refining […]

The Myth about Hard Work

✍️ Writing

March 9, 2022

Hey friends, Here’s an update on the Book Journey. Sorry I’ve been a bit silent on here – juggling various bits of the business and writing a book has really put my “productivity guru” status to the test… thanks for sticking with me. Going forward, I’m going to try to send an update every other […]

How to Learn Anything Faster

🎓 Studying

October 15, 2021

Learning how to learn is one of those meta skills that nobody ever really teaches us. But, it’s also the number one skill we should learn if we’re looking to significantly improve our life in basically every single way. For example, when I was in med school, I spent some time learning how to learn. […]