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You should get a Kindle

🚀 Productivity

December 9, 2018

If there’s one thing I’d recommend you buy/request as a gift over the Christmas period (or anytime really), it’s an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. This is not a sponsored post (I wish) but does include some affiliate links as usual 😉 Here are some reasons why you should get a Kindle. (1) It massively reduces the friction […]

The Beginner’s Mindset

📔 Journal

October 28, 2018

A couple weeks ago I sent an email asking you guys to send in snippets/quotes that have helped you in your own life. This week, I want to feature one of the responses from a guy called George who studied at Oxford for 3 years and is now applying to graduate-entry Medicine. From 2015 – 2018, I […]

A simple change to my nighttime routine

📔 Journal

October 21, 2018

I want to talk about a simple change I made to my nighttime routine that’s changed the game for me. It came about after I skimmed through ‘Why we sleep’ by Matthew Walker, a book that was doing the rounds on tech/entrepreneur recommended reading lists recently. Anyway, the simple change is that I’ve stopped taking […]

Force yourself to start

🎓 Studying | 🚀 Productivity

September 23, 2018

If you want to start something, don’t wait, just start. Writing a personal statement or an essay? Great, just start typing and force yourself to write something. It doesn’t matter if it sucks, because you can always edit it later, but you need to write something. Want to start a blog? Great, start writing your […]

What pencil do you use?

🚀 Productivity

August 20, 2018

You’ve probably heard of Stephen King. He’s like, the world’s most best-selling author of all time. He apparently attends lots of writers conferences where he does Q&As. Sometimes, a young, well-intentioned, budding new writer asks the question “Mr King, what pencil do you use?”

“It’s busy, but really fun”

📔 Journal

August 12, 2018

We had a housewarming party last night – lots of our friends came over and we had lots of chats and snacks, and played around 3 hours of Avalon. Paul, one of my closest friends from university and one of the smartest people I know, came up to Cambridge for the party. He’s started as a […]

Don’t believe the hype

📔 Journal

July 29, 2018

Black Wednesday is nearly here. It’s the first Wednesday of August when doctors throughout the UK start their new jobs. Supposedly, this influx of inexperienced doctors leads to a 6% increase in patient deaths in August… This past week, most of us incoming FY1 junior doctors have had various training events, seminars, shadowing sessions to ease us […]

The Parable of the Pottery Class

🤑 Entrepreneurship

July 25, 2018

There was once a pottery teacher called Brian. One month, he decided to split his class into two groups. Group A had to make a pot every day for 30 days (so 30 pots in total). Group B had to work on a single pot for the whole 30 days. At the end of the […]

How to get stuff done

📔 Journal

July 13, 2018

I was chatting with a friend a little while back. He’s a final year medic at Cambridge, goes to the gym like every day, is pretty ripped, plays rugby for the university first team, and is working towards becoming an orthopaedic surgeon in the US. We were discussing techniques and mindsets we’ve found helpful in […]

Why and how you should learn to code

🛠 Tools & Tech

February 12, 2018

This is the first in a series of posts where I’ll be sharing stuff I’ve learned from 5 years of running a pretty successful medical education startup whilst being a medical student at Cambridge University. Quick background – my company (6med) has been running since 2013, and averages £125,000 in annual revenue. We’ve taught over […]