Optimise Your Brain Health | Dan Murray-Serter

Optimise Your Brain Health | Dan Murray-Serter

Dan Murray-Serter Dan Murray-Serter Dan Murray-Serter
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πŸŽ™ About The Episode

"Anxiety is a fixation on thinking about the future, that uncertainty of what might come. That's what entrepreneurship is, you're constantly creating a future that doesn't yet exist. - Dan Murray-Serter

Everything we do is controlled by our brain. Our actions, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, our entire physiological function are all governed by a single organ. But when was the last time you actually put your brain first? Our brains are our bodies CEO and when we don’t get the braincare and nutrients we need our physical and mental health suffers - something Dan Murrary-Serter knows all too well about.

After a journey of depression, anxiety & insomnia, Dan found his remedy in nutrition and co-founded smart supplement brand Heights. Dan is also the host of the UK's Top Business Podcast, Secret Leaders, Co-Founder of Foundrs, writer at Forbes covering UK Entrepreneurship and Communities and an Angel investor. In the episode Dan chats to Ali about his mental health, spiritual and entrepreneurship journey. They discuss everything from identifying your wants and haves in life, to finding your purpose how not to neglect your brain and much more.

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✨ Words of Wisdom

"Anxiety is a fixation on thinking about the future, that uncertainty of what might come. That's what entrepreneurship is, you're constantly creating a future that doesn't yet exist, so you're living in the future and if you're not you're not doing it right..." - Dan Murray-Serter [1:45]
"Whether you call it manifestation or a business plan you are trying to predict the future" - Dan Murray-Serter [30:54]
"Purpose to me is a direction of the person that I'd like to become that I'm on the way to being, that every day that I am living my purpose is a step in the right direction, and I'll make mistakes but it helps me know I'm going in the right direction" - Dan Murray-Serter [34:08]
"Your passion is something you do for you, your purpose is for others" - Dan Murray-Serter [37:10]
"Spirituality is a connection to all things..." - Dan Murrary-Serter [38:39]
"You could read 100 books or you could read the same book a 100 times, the book that you read 100 times is the one that's going to have the biggest impact on your life because you'll be putting it into practice" - Dan Murray-Serter [53:22]
"We have an obsession with wanting and that's a huge problem..." - Dan Murray-Serter [01:01:47]
"Some of the happiest people you meet are the people that work with not much money but serve other people..." Dan Murray-Serter[01:04:18]
"Comparison won't create a life of happiness...what will is some level of balance between the things you want that are going to make you happy and they way to find peace and harmony within while trying to achieve it..." Dan Murray-Serter [01:09:02]
"I don't think there's such as thing as work life balance at all. There's just life and you should choose to do work that is fulfilling and meaningful and is giving you some kind of value..." - Dan Murray-Serter [1:14:01]
"We have a negativity bias because we are born to protect ourselves..." - Dan Murray-Serter [01:45:03]
"Male or female or whatever we are human, and humans have emotions...." - Dan Murray-Serter [01:47:59]
"There's only so much you can learn from someone who talks about how great they are all the time..." - Dan Murray-Serter [01:48:47]

πŸ”Š Episode Transcript

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πŸ’¬ Quotes

Lao Tzu "If you are depressed you are living in the passed. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present"

Eckhart Tolle "Stress is caused by being 'here' but wanting to be 'there'"

Derek Sivers "Never forget why you're really doing hwat you're doing. Are you helping people? Are they happy? Are you happy? Are you profitable? Isn't that enough?"

Mohammad Ali "I suffered every day in training for 10 years to become a champion"

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