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Hey Creatorpreneurs

Build once, sell twice, that's how creators (and great entrepreneurs) really make their money. We'll get into it below.

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We’ve always been fans of building in public at Creatorpreneur.

As a creator, it’s really easy to think you can’t make mistakes, you can’t change things once you’ve started doing things a certain way, and you have to look like you've got it figured out all the time.

We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that. You can change your Twitter bio or YouTube channel banner as many times as you want until you think you've got it right.

We’ve slowly been changing this newsletter, trying to get closer to what we think will provide the most value to all the Creatorpreneurs out there, and we've not been afraid to switch it up.

It’s important not to constantly change things, as the audience may become confused and disengaged, but if you stay true to your core mission (which we've hopefully done 😅) then it's easier for everyone to keep up.

Even Apple, who were a globally recognised brand at the time, changed the colour of their logo in 2007.

One hack to help yourself feel comfortable changing things about your brand is to talk about the changes (like we’ve done here). The audience then feel comforted as they now know what you’re thinking.


🧱 Build Once, Sell Twice

We shared a link last week to Jack Butcher’s story of his brand Visualise Value in the Creator Toolbox section below, but this week we’re going to break down one of his key Creatorpreneur principles.

Build once, sell twice.

Back in the old days, you had to physically have each unit of the thing that you wanted to sell. If you wanted to sell one cow, you had to have one cow. If you wanted to sell one car, you had to build one car.

Even with books, you obviously only had to write them once, but you still had to physically print each unit that you wanted to sell.

Your scale (and fun) was limited by your production capacity.

But these days we can make digital products, which we can build once, and sell an infinite number of times, because there is no cost for each additional unit.

Imagine the simplest of digital products. The humble PDF. Your PDF could have 10 gym workouts on it, which you'd write once, upload it onto your website and then people have to pay to be able to download it. You can literally sell it an infinite number of times.

If you’re new to this kind of thinking, Jack was heavily inspired by Naval Ravikant, an investor and a very intelligent person, which will explain a lot of his approach. He wrote a blog about it here.


🚀 Gareth & Tintin's Weekly Update


So, this week I've been mulling over my niche and a question keeps popping up in my head: how niche is too niche?

My problem is that while I think there's a good number of people who'd find value in my content, it's frustrating to spend hours on something that I know won't ever go viral just because it won't be applicable to most people. Obviously that isn't the only reason, but that's the one I've been thinking about most in the last few days.

The conclusion I've reached is that while it's good to stay niche in the early days (to find our core audience who know, like and trust us) there's no harm in experimenting with content that has a greater chance to pop, especially if doing that makes us more excited and motivated to create more content. So, over the next few weeks I'm going to experiment with content that's targeted at a wider audience and see if that results in any significant traction.

I'll report back soon 🤓

(check out my YouTube channel here)


I have a new goal. I want to grow on Twitter.

I’ve been inspired by people like Easlo (who we wrote about last week) and Jack Butcher, and I’m finally coming round to the fact that it makes sense to grow an audience on Twitter.

To be honest, this past week I’ve been thinking to myself “why on earth haven’t I been doing this already?”

The answer is time, energy, focus, fear and every other excuse. But since starting a YouTube channel a year ago, almost all of my attention has been going towards building that and dealing with all of the psychological hurdles that come with it. I deliberately gave it all my focus because I knew I wouldn't have much energy for anything else.

Now, I feel ready to give more of my time to another thing. You could argue it’s taking away focus, but I feel inspired about it, want to do it, and think it’ll pay off in the long term to build another hub there. Who knows, it could turn out to be a bad decision, the content game is very unpredictable, but for now, it feels right.

My twitter niche will be creators, so I'll be sharing useful resources, my journey and other things that relate to growing an audience. If you want to follow along as I try to build in public and figure things out, then check out my profile here 🙂

🧰 The Creator Toolbox

  • Gary Vee explains why Facebook Fan Pages, YouTube Shorts and TikTok are the places to be making content right now.
  • TweetHunter is for writing and scheduling tweets. It's $50p/m but there's a 7 day free trial.
  • Auphonic provides automatic audio post production for podcasts, movies, screencasts.
  • This is a great podcast episode about building in public from the jacket company Paynter.

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