Join my Team - Executive Assistant

I'm looking for an Executive Assistant to join my team part-time (20hrs per week).

We're a small, dynamic, fast-moving team of 8 trying our best to make inspiring and educational content that helps people do more of what matters to them. Our growth rate is similar to that of high-growth startups, and there's very little hierarchy to deal with when getting things done.

And to pre-empt a barrage of questions from fans - my previous EA has been promoted to a new Project Manager role within the business, and has started her own YouTube channel on top of being a medical student. Sadly she doesn’t have much time to continue with EA stuff 😭

1st Year Salary = £33k GBP annual pro-rata

What You'll Be Doing

  1. Managing my personal and business email inbox - triaging, replying to relevant stuff, flagging up urgent things that need my input.  I get a lot of fan mail (#flex) and it would be good to have a system whereby we can reply to most reasonable enquiries.  Would be aiming to get the inbox to zero at the end of each working day.
  2. Scheduling calendar events - ad-hoc meetings, weekly and monthly team meetings, podcast appearances, blocking out time for recurring personal stuff (exercise, writing, coaching etc).
  3. Podcast logistics - Emailing guests, booking guests, sorting logistics for studio booking etc.
  4. Team meetings (Monday mornings UK time) - weekly calendar invites to the team, preparing agendas, leading the meeting, taking minutes/actions and keeping track of progress on our various projects.
  5. Business dashboard - updating with relevant metrics (from relevant websites/team members) each week, to see how we’re doing in working towards the team goals.
  6. Managing invoices and payments for team members, coaches and other random bits.
  7. Helping categorise business expenses, forwarding receipts to accountant etc.
  8. Travel - Booking business and personal travel, including flights, transport, hotels, logistics etc.
  9. Personal stuff - grocery delivery, meal planning (I currently live off takeaways which is v bad), sending gifts and thank you cards to people etc.
  10. Lots of other random bits and bobs that I can’t think of off the top of my head right now 😢
  11. In the first few weeks of working together, we’d probably need check-in calls every 1-2 days to get a system down, and discuss how to reply to emails.

Perks of the Job

  • Trajectory  - You’ll be an early-stage team member in a multi-faceted online business with characteristics similar to high-growth startups. In just over 3 years for example, the YouTube channel has grown from zero to over 1.7 million subscribers, with reach and revenue significantly higher than many traditional businesses.
  • Flexibility - You’ll mostly work from home at whatever hours suit you best.
  • Impact - Your work will be seen by millions of people around the world, and hopefully impact them in a positive way.
  • Adventure - You’ll be able to join travel opportunities and other fun things that come with working in a choose-your-own-adventure business.
  • Ownership - If you’ve got fun or interesting ideas that align with the business goals, you’ll have free reign to make them happen without having to wade through red tape and middle-management.


  1. You’ve got 5+ years of experience in a similar role. This isn’t a position for someone who’s looking for their first job - we’re looking for someone who’s done this sort of thing before and is comfortable handling a large amount of responsibility from day 1.
  2. You need to be able to speak and write fluent English.
  3. You don't mind working evenings and weekends if the occasion calls for it. Hopefully however, we'd have our workflow sorted enough-in-advance that 'urgent' things shouldn't really be happening.
  4. You're comfortable figuring out and working with software like Notion, Airtable, Helpscout and other tools that we use. If you consider yourself a technophobe, this probably isn't the role for you 😀

The Ideal Applicant

If you don’t fit some of these but still think you’d be a great fit for the role, please explain your position in your application. I’m more than happy to be flexible for the perfect person.

  1. You’re based in the UK, and willing and able to travel to Cambridge at least once per week, when there's not a global pandemic. This would be ideal, but not a requirement. If you're the best person for the job, but you happen to be remote, that's cool too.
  2. You’re keen on working together for at least three years. I’m looking for someone who wants to play the long-game.
  3. You’ve seen / read / heard enough of my content to understand the content strategy, tone and style.
  4. You enjoy reading self-improvement books. If you think ‘I’d never read a book about happiness’, we’re probably not the right fit for one another :)
  5. You're good at figuring stuff out. You're willing and able to learn new skills by using Google and YouTube, and don't shy away from responsibility.
  6. You're happy to start on a part-time basis, but as the business grows, you'd be open to taking on more hours (or maybe even becoming full-time) if needed.

How to Apply

Please fill this Google Form. You'll be asked for:

  1. Your CV.
  2. A cover letter talking about why you'd be a great fit for the role, that includes how you fit each of the numbered points above. If you don't meet some of the points, please explain why you'd be a good fit regardless.

The deadline for applications is midnight (BST) on 30th May 2021.

The Application Process

  1. I'll shortlist the candidates based on the cover letter and CV.
  2. If you're shortlisted, you'll get an email from me. You might get this email before all the applications are in, if your application is very good.
  3. I'll interview the final few people in-person / over Zoom to finalise things.

Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon!

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