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Hey Creatorpreneurs

Imagine you could make $100,000 per year selling Notion templates, without anyone knowing who you are, and do it all within one year. You’d think that would be impossible. We’ll get into it below, but first let’s talk about ways of working.


🤫 Moving to a New Office

This week, the Creatorpreneur and Ali Abdaal teams moved office. The current office was great, but it wasn't worth the money and was actually quite small, so when filming was going on it was quite disruptive. Not ideal for a video based company.

We’re moving to a hybrid setup, where filming and podcasting will take place in Ali’s new flat, and we’ll have a co-working space in London, but it’ll be a bit more flexible for everyone. And then every 6 weeks we’ll all get together for a week of brainstorming, strategy chats, and just general good vibes.

We moved into the office in the first place as an experiment, which went well overall, but there was a general consensus that we could have a different setup that suited everyone a bit better.

The takeaway is that there’s no formula for what will work for a given team or business, it’s about experimenting and finding a balance between what works best for everyone and what helps the business perform at the highest level. Let’s see how this new setup goes, maybe we’ll be back in an office in a year. 😆


🤑 Make $10,000 Per Month Selling Notion Templates

There’s a guy on Twitter called Easlo who’s made an impressive amount of money selling Notion templates. Be prepared to feel both annoyed and inspired.

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August 25th 2022

He's 20. Doesn’t that just make you want to curl up and cry.

His real name is Jason Chin, but otherwise not much is known about him. He just makes templates for all sorts of things like habit tracking, personal finance, second brains, content planning and working as a freelancer.

He shares a lot about his process on Twitter, so definitely give him a follow, but this is his 6 step method for how he’s done it:

  1. Create a Notion template
  2. List on Gumroad store
  3. Share with Facebook communities
  4. Launch on Product Hunt
  5. Create daily content on Twitter & Instagram
  6. Repeat step 1-5

It’s annoyingly straightforward. Easlo is an exemplary Creatorpreneur because he has mastered a niche, found his own USP (unique selling point) within it, and has created an effective sales funnel for his digital products.

He spends some time upfront building something, which can then be sold an infinite number of times.

He also has lots of free templates which you can check out first, but importantly he sets the price to $0+ so if you want to, you can pay something. He says he makes a lot of money this way because of the law of reciprocity, which is “If you do something nice for me I’ll do something nice for you." We feel obligated to reciprocate.

If you want to copy his process, he has a free Notion Creator Roadmap Template which might give you some tangible steps. You can also check out his website here.


😩 The Problem with Expectations

A weekly update from Gareth and Tintin on their journeys as Creatorpreneurs.


I spent an hour editing the first 4 seconds of my last video and it really wasn’t worth it.

My mindset here was that if I make my hook (the first few seconds of my video) as good as possible I’ll get a ton of views. So, you can imagine my disappointment when the video flopped, getting just 100 views in the first few days… Why do I even bother?! 😂

But, on reflection, it makes a lot of sense. With a few exceptions (I’m thinking James Jani, for example), for new creators there’s a big gap between effort and reward. Putting lots of work into our first few articles, videos, tweets, or whatever just isn’t going to get much traction. It’s only when we’ve built an audience, established our niche, and figured out what sort of creator we want to be that the gap between effort and reward begins to close. This is when we can begin thinking about upping our effort and investing more time into our creative thing.

My takeaway: we shouldn’t over-index on effort when we’re at the start of our creator journey. It probably won’t give us the rewards we expect.


Last week I mentioned that I wanted to overtake Gareth in subscribers (I still do), but I secretly hoped that it might happen within the week, because I posted a video last week about working for Ali, and I had big expectations for it 🚀

Naturally, I thought that it would get 1 million views in a few weeks, my Creatorpreneur problems would be solved forever, and it would be plain sailing from there. The video still did relatively well, and I’m pleased with it, but I couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed.

This, combined with the fact that I’ve been ill this week, meant I spiralled a bit and was questioning whether I even wanted to do the whole content creation thing. I know, it’s not like my whole job and career relates to content creation at this point. But when I asked myself, “do I want to stop making videos?” the answer was a resounding no.

I loved making the video, it got lots of positive feedback, and it’s actually my 6th most viewed video, after just 4 days…

So the lesson for me this week is not to focus on the things I can’t control like views and subscriber count, and remember how much making videos benefits my life in general.

🧰 The Creator Toolbox

  • Mark Rober is hiring for his YouTube channel.
  • Typefully is a great way to write and schedule tweets.
  • Inspiring story of Visualise Value by Jack Butcher, lots to be learnt.
  • Create a simple email newsletter with Revue, which you can get paid for.

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