The World’s First Sleep Fitness Company Founders On Optimising Your Sleep - Eight Sleep

The World’s First Sleep Fitness Company Founders On Optimising Your Sleep - Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep Eight Sleep Eight Sleep
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Matteo Franceschetti and Alexandra Zatarain are the co-founded Eight Sleep, the world’s first ever sleep fitness company. They’re on a mission to fuel human potential through optimal sleep with their product the Pod - a sensor layer that tracks and improves your sleep by dynamically heating or cooling the temperature of your bed based on your sleep stages. Through backing and funding Eight Sleep is now worth $500 million and is currently used by pro athletes and top performers across multiple industries and was recognized as one of TIME's Best Inventions. In the conversation we talk about how to take care of your sleep through exercise, nutrition and thermoregulation, their experiences building the first ever sleep fitness company and advice for entrepreneurs. Enjoy!

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