Striking 4-Figure Sponsor Deals with One Video

Striking 4-Figure Sponsor Deals with One Video - Marshall Fox, CEO of 120 Design Studio

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What's your background and why did you start YouTube? What motivated you to get started with YouTube?

I’m a graphic designer serving high-performing professional speakers. That’s my bread and butter. Recently, I’ve started a community of graphic designers who are looking to take their freelance businesses to the next level; or as I like to say, from “Good to G.O.A.T.” (Greatest of all time.” I decided to start a YouTube channel to share with them the tips, tools, and tech that I’ve been able to use in my business.

Tell us about your journey on YouTube so far.

So far, I’ve released about 5 videos and I’m at about 4,400 subscribers.

You secured your first sponsorship from just one video - how did that happen?

One of the PTYA Homework assignments was to do a video on a “favorite thing” of mine. I picked my office chair on a whim with the help of my PTYA accountability partner. The video ended up getting a great response from the community, YouTube and even employees of the chair manufacturer. They reached out to me and hired me to film a 30 second endorsement that they showcase on their website. That was a four figure deal.

I did an office tour video to follow that and a company reached out to me with a five figure deal for a promo video for their own channel.

Do you think starting a YouTube channel has helped you diversify your revenue streams?


What have been the second order effects of starting your channel?

Companies have been reaching out to me to send me free stuff. It is helping me to be looked at as an authority figure in my space and with live streaming and office set up.

What are your goals for the future? How have your goals changed?

My goals are just to grow my influence. Initially, I wanted to get to 100k subscribers by the end of 2021. Now I’m not so much focused on the number of subs as I am with getting my content out there.

Would you do anything differently if you were to start again?


One piece of advice for YouTubers just starting out?

Go hard in at least one of these areas: consistency, quality, content, personality. The more you have, the better.

Where can we go to learn more about you?

My youtube channel.

How did PTYA help you?

It was a treasure trove of information that I often refer back to. With the ongoing guest sessions, it’s been the gift that keeps on giving.

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