This page is a constantly-evolving reference of all the medicine-related stuff I've made.

Applying to Medical School


You need to take the UCAT to get into the majority of UK medical schools. Countries like Australia have started to introduce it as well. Here are some hopefully-useful resources.

  1. My online course - UCAT Crash Course Online
  2. Classroom Course - 6med UCAT Crash Course
  3. Question Bank - UCAT Ninja


The BMAT was my specialist subject when I was in medical school, and was the first exam that we taught courses for when we launched 6med. Here are some resources you might find helpful.

  1. My online course - BMAT Crash Course Online
  2. Classroom Course - 6med BMAT Crash Course
  3. Question Bank - BMAT Ninja
  4. YouTube - BMAT Section 1 - Everything you need to know
  5. YouTube - BMAT Section 2 - Everything you need to know
  6. YouTube - BMAT Section 3 Essay - Everything you need to know
  7. YouTube - How to prepare for BMAT Section 2 Physics, even if you're not doing it at A-level
  8. YouTube - How to prepare for BMAT Section 2 Biology
  9. YouTube - How to prepare for BMAT Section 2 Chemistry
  10. YouTube - BMAT Section 2 Chemistry - How to speed up your calculations
  11. YouTube - BMAT Section 2 Maths - 3 Tips to boost your score

Medical School Interviews

This is the most daunting part of the application process for many students. To help you get through it, my friends and I have made a tonne of YouTube videos covering various aspects of medicine interviews. And if you want, you can check out our Interview Crash Course Online to supercharge your interview and MMI preparation.

  1. Interview Crash Course Online
  2. Classroom Course - 6med Interview Crash Course
  3. How to prepare for Medicine interviews
  4. How to answer "Why Medicine?"
  5. Talking about work experience
  6. 6 Tips for Medicine MMIs - Multiple Mini Interviews
  7. Cambridge Medicine interview - Experiences of 8 students
  8. Oxbridge Medicine Interview - 15 Tips
  9. Oxbridge Medicine Interview - Q&A
  10. Medicine interview tips - dealing with nerves
  11. How to answer "Why should we choose you?"
  12. How to answer "What's your biggest weakness?"
  13. Medical Ethics - How to answer medical ethics interview questions
  14. Consent, Capacity and Jehovah's Witnesses - Medical Ethics and Law for interviews
  15. Euthanasia - Medical Ethics and Law at the end of life

Other 'Applying to Medicine' videos

  1. How to write a Medicine personal statement
  2. Graduate Entry Medicine - A comprehensive guide + Q&A
  3. Studying Medicine in Eastern Europe - A comprehensive guide
  4. Medicine Application - No offers?
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