The MD Leather Notebook Cover

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This was a joke that went too far. But since we’re all playing along, we might as well do something useful from it.

I’ve teamed up with Will Hodges, a bespoke goods leatherworker from Cambridge, to design these fancy-ass notebook covers that perfectly fit the Leuchtturm 1917 A5 notebooks (my favourite).

If you want one, they’re available here for £100. Free shipping to the UK, sadly you’ll have to pay £15 more for shipping if you want them shipped internationally.

£50 goes to Will to cover costs + his time to make these by hand. It’s Italian full grain leather + Japanese thread which is apparently a premium material.

The other £50 goes to the Against Malaria Foundation, one of the most effective charities in the world.

I don’t make a penny. That’s fine. This was all supposed to be a joke anyway.

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