E4 $600,000 Tumblr Themes, Dropshipping & Beating Cancer with Oliur

$600,000 Tumblr Themes, Dropshipping & Beating Cancer with Oliur

Oliur Oliur Oliur
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πŸŽ™ About The Episode

"One thing I've learnt from having Cancer is to not care about what other people think - Oliur

In this episode Ali has a conversation with with web designer, content creator and entrepreneur, Oliur. Known for his polished, minimalist aesthetic online and premium tech blog Ultralix, Oliur has built a following of over 100,000 to which he shares his tips on tech, lifestyle and financial independence. In the episode Oliur talks to Ali about his journey dropping out of school and making $600,000 from Tumblr themes, to the art of dropshipping and the lessons he has learnt from beating cancer.

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✨ Words of Wisdom

"How on earth did you make $600,000 from Tumblr Themes..." [01:19]
"Starting a blog can change your life..." [04:06]
"Sometimes you've got to go through a little bit of struggle here and there to have that delayed gratification..." [13:30]
"A lot of people don't realise that almost every major company in the world does some form of drop shipping..." [27:28]
"People say Chemo is hell but it's worse than what you think that is..." [51:38]
"One thing I've learnt from having Cancer is just not to care about what other people think" [54:43]
"If you take everything too seriously nothing is fun" [57:27]
"You make your own luck" [01:04:04]
"Finding the thing that you enjoy is the tough part" [01:12:40]

πŸ”Š Episode Transcript

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