Part-Time YouTuber Academy: Cohort 6 Update

Part-Time YouTuber Academy: Cohort 6 Update

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Really excited to say that the Part-Time YouTuber Academy (PTYA) is back and we’ll be launching Cohort 6 of our flagship course on Monday 27th June 2022 at 1600 BST.

After 5 years on YouTube, 5 editions of PTYA, nearly 2,000 alumni from all over the globe, and endless feedback from the whole PTYA family, my team and I came up with lots of ways to improve the course and, most importantly, nail down the core content.

To do that, we’ve introduced some major changes to the Part-Time YouTuber Academy structure with the goal of creating a course that:

  • Teaches you the system to succeed on YouTube (the same thing that took me from 0 to 3M subscribers)
  • Gets you on the road from 0 to 100,000 subscribers and helps you scale it beyond that number
  • Guides you to find your niche and main unique value proposition of your channels and content
  • Covers all the technicalities of making content on YouTube
  • Builds your publishing consistency muscles
  • Helps you nail down your production style

So, what are the changes we've introduced in Cohort 6?

There are 5 main differences:

🚦 1. We're limiting the number of spots to 400


We’ve realised that smaller groups mean more focus and better results. We don’t want to dilute the quality of this course just to get more people on board and grin at the profits. With a smaller group, we’ll be able to offer even better customer support and more attention to a single student from both me and our team members. So, while it might be harder to get into PTYA, the experience is going to be even better compared to the previous cohorts.

🏁 2. We’re reducing the cohort duration from 6 weeks to 5 weeks


6 weeks is a huge time commitment and we want to make it an easier decision for someone who wants to take YouTube “seriously”. We took time to review the course, its content, spot the gaps, and find a way not to remove any valuable lessons while compressing the duration of the whole course. As a result, you’ll be able to get the same value out of the course that’s a week shorter. Win-win 🥳

🧑‍🏫 3. More (5-10) weekly workshops during this cohort


We want to put more emphasis on the practical elements of the course and also on some main issues that all YouTubers have to deal with like burnout, impostor syndrome, or camera confidence. To do that, Cohort 6 will offer even more workshops held by myself, our PTYA team, PTYA alumni, and guest experts.

🏷 4. Packages prices will change by around 20%

The Essential Package will now cost $1995

The Premium Package will now cost $2995

The Executive Package will now cost $5995


It’s a combination of a few things but it was mainly dictated by the fact that we’ve reduced the number of spots by 20% while increasing the number of staff, part-time employees (just for this course), and weekly workshops held by the PTYA team, alumni, and guests. We’re also hiring another 3 full-time members of staff to add more personalised support for our students.

😎 5. We’ve made the course even more flexible


'Part-time Academy'  means that you’ll become a part-time creator but we also don’t expect you to put everything on hold just to take this course. So, all the lessons, workshops, and assignments have been (re)designed to allow you to choose the most interesting bits and leave the rest for later or just skip them completely. Our honest recommendation for people taking the course the course (unless you can somehow consume all the content) is to choose the most interesting/important live sessions and workshops, and always attend our Q&As. That’s how you can quickly learn and grow - and you'll always have access to the entire wealth of content you'll receive. But, beyond that, we want PTYA to be a part-time effort.

Aside from all these changes, as always, we offer every single student:

  • 5 core live sessions delivered by me
  • 5 core live sessions delivered by Elizabeth
  • Weekly workshops
  • Guest workshops led by industry experts (e.g. during our previous cohort we were joined by Matt D’Avella, Patt Flynn, and Charlie Houpert among others)
  • Live, weekly Q&A sessions
  • Detailed feedback from the team on all video assignments
  • Lifetime access to all the session recordings
  • Lifetime access to our private online discussion forum + community of more than 1,500 part-time creators

The Premium Package additionally includes:

  • Lifetime access to all future course updates, including live session recordings, videos, worksheets, and bonus material
  • Free enrolment in the next live cohort (so you can get the full course experience a second time to consolidate learning)
  • Bonus Guest Interview Recordings with successful YouTubers + teams

Lastly, if you fancy the Executive Package (which we sold out within the first 2 days of sales), it additionally includes:

  • Exclusive Exec-only Discord channel for rapid access to yours truly 😜 and our support team during the course
  • Private twice-weekly Exec-only group Q&A calls with me
  • Free lifetime access to all future cohorts as a Premium member
  • Tailored support and check-ins with the PTYA Team for when you need a boost or have questions

No matter which package you’re going to choose (if any 😂), Part-Time YouTuber Academy is a live course that lets you immerse in a YouTuber creator space and supercharge your growth - whether you’re just starting out or you’ve tried before and failed to scale or keep going.

Most importantly, you’ll join a live community that doesn’t stop when the cohort ends. People there (both students and PTYA team members) are very much ready to help you with any of your current and future struggles, questions, and dilemmas regarding YouTube, creator journey, and making online content.

So, when you join the course, you'll get all of the content that we’re offering AND you'll become a lifetime member of this amazing Part-Time YouTuber Academy community.

If any of the above sounds interesting to you and has you itching to spend the next 5 weeks learning about the ins and outs of YouTube, you can sign up for our waiting list and I’ll let you know once we open PTYA for enrolment on Monday 27th June 2022 (and send you some educational resources so you can already 🙌 improve your journey on YouTube).


Ali xx

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