E3 How To Build A Multi-Million $ Dating App | Shahzad Younas

E3 How To Build A Multi-Million $ Dating App | Shahzad Younas Founder & CEO of Muzmatch

Shahzad Younas Shahzad Younas Shahzad Younas
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πŸŽ™ About The Episode

"We're at an age now where knowledge is free and it's everywhere" - Shahzad Younas

In the episode Ali sits down for a conversation with Shahzad Younas, founder and CEO of Muzmatch. If you haven't already heard of Muzmatch from their entertaining tube campaigns with slogans including 'Halal from the other side' or 'Time to leave the single market?' it's the revolutionary dating app that's transforming the way Muslims find love and marriage. With over 4 million members and 100,000+ successful marriages thanks to his app, Shahzad is not only a successful entrepreneur but pretty much a real life cupid.

In their conversation Shahzad shares how he quit his job and built the Muzmatch app from scratch, how to make marketing work, the problem with dating app etiquette for Muslim's and much much more. You'll leave the episode with an understanding of how to identify and execute business ideas, the importance of forcing yourself to be uncomfortable and even a few tips on finding love and the art of dating.

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✨ Words of Wisdom

"Now more than ever our free time is under assault, there's so many ways to waste it..." - Shahzad Younas [06:02]
"We're at an age now where knowledge is free and it's everywhere..." - Shahzad Younas [14:26]
"With anything you have to force yourself to be uncomfortable..." - Shahzad Younas [18:10]
"Marketing is a whole different beast, marketing is not engineering..." - Shahzad Younas [33:32]
"You can hark on about the old ways of doing things, but unless you come up with something that works you're wasting your time" - Shahzad Younas [49:15]
"I would love for mainstream religious elders and speakers to talk about how to navigate online as a Muslim..." - Shahzad Younas [49:29]
"There's an art to a conversation, how to ask the right questions..." - Shahzad Younas [52:48]
"I'm genuinely convinced there's no science of why two people work and don't work..." - Shahzad Younas [1:00:29]

πŸ”Š Episode Transcript

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