World's Leading Expert On How To Solve Procrastination - Dr Tim Pychyl

World's Leading Expert On How To Solve Procrastination - Dr Tim Pychyl

Dr Tim Pychyl Dr Tim Pychyl Dr Tim Pychyl
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We can all struggle with procrastination. Putting stuff off not only makes us feel bad but it can set us back in our careers and lives. So what do we do about it? Dr Tim Pychyl is as one of the world’s leading experts in procrastination. He has written two books about how and why we procrastinate, as well as many scientific papers. In this episode of Deep Dive I talk to Tim about what exactly procrastination is, how to nudge ourselves into better habits, and spirituality and flow. Tim is such a brilliant and knowledgable researcher and this conversation gave me fascinating look into the psychology of procrastination.

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