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Hey folks 👋

This week, we’re just sharing a few of our favourite resources to help creators level up their content production system.

We often spend lots of time doing the same things throughout our creative process, but lots of people have had these same problems before, and when lots of people have similar problems, some clever clogs usually come up with a better solution.

Here’s a list of all our favourite resources for creators and a quick summary of what they are.

🆓 Free Resources

Thumbs Up TV - preview your title and thumbnail on YouTube (this is personally the lesser known resource that has most levelled up my YouTube process).

🎨 Canva Palette Generator  - yes, Canva is quite well known (if you don’t already know it, then you definitely need to check it out regardless of what you’re creating) but this colour palette generator is helpful for getting the colour palette from any image that you upload.

🗄️ Notion - an amazing note taking software to organise your personal and professional life, creators use this all the time to organise their production system. To get some inspiration on how to use it, you can check out this video Ali Abdaal made about how he uses Notion a few years ago which you can watch here.

🌈 Flat Icon - stylish icons and graphics to use for anything you want.

🎥 Teleprompter - save time with video recording by putting your script on a teleprompter.

Recut - with this website you can check how many characters are in your title.

🎙️Riverside - a useful software for podcast and audio recording.

👩‍💻 MixKit - here you can find free video editing assets like transitions, lower thirds and stock footage.

🚇 TubeBuddy & VidiQ - two similar tools that help with YouTube specifically and keyword research.

💵 Paid Resources

🎬 Video Hive - video effects and plugins. Using these can be one of the quickest ways to level up your editing quality.

⏱️ Recut - as well as having the title length checker above, Recut also have a paid service which can quickly remove pauses and “ahs” or “ums” in your content so that you can save time editing.

🎹 Epidemic Sound - a huge library of music and sound effects for creators with no copyright issues. Probably the most popular audio resource for creators.

🆘 Fiverr - outsource tasks like video editing, graphic design, online writing, website design, basically anything that you can find!

🛠️ Envato - this is the host website for Video Hive above, but it has almost everything you could ever need for any creative project that you have.

📹 StoryBlocks - one of the best stock footage websites around, and especially popular with big time creators like Colin & Samir or Matt D’Avella.

Definitely let us know how you get on with any of these resources and share any more that you have which you find helpful!

Btw, some of the links in this email are affiliate links that we get a small kickback from :)

Have a great rest of your week,

Tintin at Creatorpreneur

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