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I like to write stuff about stuff.

Hey friends, thanks for dropping by.

I like to write stuff about stuff - which is basically, anything that interests me that I think could probably interest you too.

✍️ Topic Areas

I've covered some ground here, so I've broken down the main topics so you can zoom across to the areas which interest you the most:

🎙 Deep Dive Interviews

Once a week, I have conversations with a guest on my YouTube channel which are all streamed live. Guests have included authors such as Derek Sivers, John Zeratsky and Ryan Holiday, entrepreneurs John O'Nolan and Noah Kagan as well as fellow YouTubers such as Shelby Church and Sara Dietschy.

You can check out all of my Deep Dives here.

📚 Book Notes

I really wish I'd started taking notes on my favourite books sooner, but since 2018 I've been trying to make up for lost time. If you'd like to read my notes on books like Atomic Habits by James Clear, you can check them out here.

📖 My Courses

I talk about my courses over on this page, but something I get asked a lot about my Skillshare courses.

You can sign up for Skillshare for a free trial, so it's a win win. I talk about productivity, studying and everything in between over there, so please feel free to join me and if you do watch one of my classes, tweet me at @AliAbdaal what you think.

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