E2 Reshape Your Life & Career | Unjaded Jade

E2 Reshape Your Life & Career | Unjaded Jade

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πŸŽ™ About The Episode

"The most productive thing you can do is look after yourself..." - Jade Bowler

In this week's episode of Deep Dive, Ali has a conversation with YouTuber content creator and best selling author, Jade Bowler. Known for her YouTube channel Unjaded Jade, Jade's content is geared to inspire people to live with intention, to love themselves and to go outside of their comfort zone. Earlier this year Jade released her debut book 'The Only Study Guide You'll Ever Need', that empower students navigating the education system by teaching them everything she wish she'd known when she was a 16 year old.

In the episode Jade and Ali have a conversation about finding balance within hustle culture, motivation, book writing, reshaping the definition of career, the law of attraction, opinions around toxic productivity and much much more. You'll leave this episode with techniques for living with intention including Jade's #casualmagic mantra, a tonne of study techniques and a little more perspective about what it really means to live a productive and meaningful life and career.

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✨ Words of Wisdom

"What keeps you motivated is having a why..." - Jade Bowler [38:46]
"The most productive thing you can do is look after yourself..." - Jade Bowler [48:30]
"We have been trained our whole lives to value things that are tangible..." - Jade Bowler [50:37]
"We love a side hustle but not if it means killing yourself in the process..." - Jade Bowler [51:26]
"Career is an old time phrase where the assumption is you go to one company and stay there for your lifetime, but people have multiple careers in their life now, that is the new definition of career..." - Jade Bowler [01:14:16]
"If you want something you're gonna have to say it out loud, take actions towards it and probably need a bit of luck because that's how life works..." - Jade Bowler [01:18:40]
"Find your sanctity of space..." - Jade Bowler [01:27:36]
"Break down your goals into sub goals, it's very difficult to stay committed to one thing if you don't make it tangible" - Jade Bowler [01:42:05]
"Mornings start at night" - Jade Bowler [01:50:43]

πŸ”Š Episode Transcript

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