Using Notion as a Resonance Calendar

Using Notion as a Resonance Calendar

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I talked in a previous post about how I’ve started using the app Notion as a Second Brain. Almost daily I’ve been discovering new ways of using it to make my life more pleasant and productive. I had lots of comments from readers asking for specifics about how I use the app.

One of my favourite use-cases is my Resonance Calendar (pretentious name I came up with). Basically (as I alluded to in the previous post), anytime I come across anything at all that resonates with me, I drop it into the Resonance Calendar on Notion. This lets me keep track of articles I’ve read, YouTube videos I’ve watched, books and podcasts I’ve listened to, and anything else I come across in life.

In the past, after listening to a podcast or reading a book, I’d just move onto the next one. But now, I’ve set this ‘rule’ for myself that everything that resonates with me has to go into the calendar. That means that when I’m done with listening to a podcast in the car (or even midway through if something particularly interesting sparks a thought in my mind), I’d park the car on the side of the road, get my phone out and write down a few thoughts about what I learned.

Overall, this method has made me much more reflective about stuff I come across and it’s already sparked a lot of ideas for new blog posts, videos and podcast episodes. You might like to try it out - let me know how it goes.

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