Join my Team - Content Creator + Ghostwriter

Join my Team - Content Creator + Ghostwriter

Hey friends 😁

I’m looking for a Content Creator + Ghostwriter to join my team as a full-time OR part-time hire. You’ll work directly with me, and the rest of the team, to help create written posts and video content for my YouTube channel and website, and help manage and grow the businesses that surround these.

This is the perfect role for someone who is hungry to learn and grow. There's no bureaucratic paperwork or super-long protocols to follow. You'll wear multiple hats, and have lots of freedom and creative control to hopefully impact millions of people.

Salary for Year 1: £33,000 GBP (pro-rata)

Closing Date for Applications: 31st December 2020

Full-Time vs Part-Time

If you're the best person for the job, I'd love to have you on the team, whether as a full-time or a part-time hire. This is up to you, and will depend on your circumstances. Please explain which option you'd like to go for in your cover letter, and if you're going for the part-time, please say a bit about how many days per week (on average) you'd like to work.

What you'll be doing

  • Writing high-quality long-form educational content for the blog and social media posts. This might involve converting some of my videos into articles. "Converting" is probably the wrong word, because the way we structure videos is very different to blog posts - videos are designed (partly) for maximum engagement and watchtime, whereas blog posts are (more so) aimed at giving the reader the information they need in a clear, engaging and timely fashion.
  • Researching and writing scripts for educational YouTube videos and articles, Eg: If I suggest a title like 'Should you study with music in the background?' and suggest some provisional thoughts, I'd want you to take those suggestions and do some research, find relevant scientific papers, and formulate a video structure + script which can then be turned into a blog post / article.
  • Managing content across various social media platforms (eg: YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Email, Blog, Twitter, Instagram).
  • Having regular phone calls with me where I describe a video idea, or a blog post idea, or an email idea, and we brainstorm stuff that could go in it. You'd then take that seedling and turn it into a written draft, written in my voice (ie: casual, not formal or stuffy, definitely not 'academic / essay' style). This might turn into a blog post, a tweet thread, an email newsletter, a video script, or all of the above (with relevant, medium- and context-specific tweaks).
  • Writing up Book Review blog posts based on my Kindle highlights. We'd have a phone call, I'd describe my thoughts about a book I've just read, and send you a copy of the book with my highlights. You'd turn those into a written blog post + tweet thread + instagram text carousel, and maybe a video script for a Book Club episode.
  • Ghostwriting various other things based on phone call brainstorms, including eBooks, courses, digital downloads, lead magnets etc.

Perks of the Job

  • Development - You’ll learn / improve a set of very useful skills like writing, content marketing, research, advertising, managing a team, managing a business, video production, video editing etc.
  • Trajectory  You’ll be an early-stage team member in a multi-faceted online business with characteristics similar to high-growth startups. In 3 years for example, the YouTube channel has grown from zero to over a million subscribers, with reach and revenue significantly higher than many traditional businesses.
  • Flexibility You’ll mostly work from home at whatever hours suit you best.
  • Impact Your work will be seen by millions of people around the world, and hopefully impact them in a positive way.
  • Adventure  You’ll be able to join travel opportunities and other fun things that come with working in a choose-your-own-adventure business.
  • Ownership  If you’ve got fun or interesting ideas that align with the business goals, you’ll have free reign to make them happen without having to wade through red tape and middle-management.
  • Mentorship  You’ll work directly with me every day, for whatever that’s worth. I'd hope you'd be able to learn from my experience of building businesses, growing an audience and wearing lots of hats at once.

The Ideal Applicant

If you don’t fit some of these but still think you’d be a great fit for the role, please explain your position in your application. I’m more than happy to be flexible for the perfect person.

  1. You need to be able to speak and write fluent English and write in my tone of voice. This is the single most important requirement. If your written and spoken English is anything less than 100%, this isn't the role for you I'm afraid. I'm looking for someone who can imitate my voice when writing stuff. Ask yourself 'is my written English good enough to comfortably write a 60,000-word book that's traditionally published and read by 100,000+ people'. If the answer to that question is anything less than a 'hell yes', this probably isn't the role for you.
  2. You have experience writing on the internet. You understand the reasons why writing on the internet is radically different from academic writing. You've read books like On Writing Well and have put in deliberate practise to improve your writing.
  3. You’re based in the UK, and willing and able to travel to Cambridge at least once per week, when there's not a global pandemic. This would be ideal, but not a requirement. If you're the best person for the job, but you happen to be remote, that's cool too.
  4. You don't mind working evenings and weekends if the occasion calls for it. But hopefully we'd have our workflow sorted enough-in-advance that 'urgent' things shouldn't really be happening.
  5. You’re keen on working together for at least three years. I’m looking for someone who wants to play the long-game.
  6. You’ve seen / read / heard enough of my content to understand the content strategy, tone and style. You’ve got some ideas on how to expand into other categories that'll provide value to our audience.
  7. You’ve got some interest in tech, productivity, apps, entrepreneurship and/or personal finance. Lots of our content will be based around these topics, so having an existing interest in them will make things much more fun.
  8. You enjoy reading self-improvement books. If you think ‘I’d never read a book about happiness’, we’re probably not the right fit for one another :)
  9. You're good at figuring stuff out. You're willing and able to learn new skills by using Google and YouTube, and don't shy away from responsibility.

How to Apply

Please fill this Google Form. You'll be asked for:

  1. Your CV.
  2. A cover letter that includes how you fit each of the numbered points above. If you don't meet some of the points, please explain why you'd be a good fit regardless.
  3. 3 links to samples of writing you've published on the internet (under your own name or ghostwritten).

The deadline for applications is midnight (GMT) on 31st December 2020.

The Application Process

  1. I'll shortlist the candidates based on the cover letter and CV.
  2. If you're shortlisted, you'll get an email with a trial task (probably something like converting one of my videos into an article). You might get this email before all the applications are in, if your application is very good.
  3. I'll interview the final few people in-person / over Skype to finalise things.

Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon!

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