Hi there.

I'm Ali (24), a Cambridge medicine graduate now working as an FY1 Junior Doctor.

I like reading, singing and making YouTube videos, and my biggest achievement in life is my typing speed of 154 WPM.

I'm also the founder of a company called 6med that some friends and I made while we were in medical school. We help students applying to medical school with lots of free videos and guides, and we run classroom and online courses for the BMAT, BMAT and Interviews.

On this blog (and weekly email newsletter), I share snippets of advice about productivity, motivation, studying etc that I've found useful in my own life.

I really hope you find some of the stuff at least somewhat interesting. If you'd like to talk about anything, hit me up on the good ol' Social Media (links below) and we'll chat. Alternatively, if you're in Cambridge and want to talk, do reach out and I'll buy you a coffee :)