About Me

Hi there.

I'm Ali (23), a 6th-year medical student at Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

I like reading, singing and making videos, and my biggest achievement in life is my typing speed of 154 WPM.

I'm also the founder of a company called 6med that some friends and I made a while back. It was supposed to be a fun little summer project but ended up growing bigger than we anticipated. Through it, and over the years, we've learnt a few things about startups, coding etc, that it might be nice to share on this blog.

In an attempt to consume less and create more, I've decided to start writing about work / Medicine / product design / coding / other cool things.

I really hope you find some of the stuff at least somewhat interesting. If you'd like to talk about anything, hit me up on the good ol' Social Media (links below) and we'll chat. Alternatively, if you're in Cambridge and want to talk about fun stuff, I'll buy you a coffee :)