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šŸ“š Book Summaries

My biggest regret in life is that I didn't start taking notes on books I'd read until 2018. I wish I'd started 10 years sooner, because then this page would've looked much more legit, and I'd probably have learned a lot more as well.

Anyway, this page contains my highlights, notes and reviews from various books. The ratings are entirely subjective and arbitrary, of course.

If you're keen to read more books, (a) you should get a Kindle, (b) you should get a subscription to Audible, (c) you should check out my video with the wonderfully clickbait title How I Read 100 Books a Year, and (d) you might like this episode of my podcast about how to make reading a habit.

Written Book Summaries

  1. Storyworthy (Matthew Dicks)
  2. The Making of a Manager (Julie Zhuo)
  3. Show Your Work! (Austin Kleon)

Book Club Videos

  1. Atomic Habits (James Clear)
  2. The Unfair Advantage (Ash Ali & Hassan Kubba)
  3. Make Time (Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky)
  4. Grit (Angela Duckworth)
  5. The Happiness Advantage (Shawn Achor)
  6. The Elephant in the Brain (Kevin Simler and Robin Hanson)
  7. Your Money or Your Life (Vicki Robin)
  8. The Obstacle is the Way (Ryan Holiday)
  9. Think Like A Monk (Jay Shetty)