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I love collecting (and sometimes even coming up with) snippets of advice about how to live a ‘better’ life. Here are some that I’ve written about over the years.

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My brother and I have a weekly podcast called Not Overthinking, all about happiness, creativity and the human condition. Search 'Not Overthinking' on any podcast app to check it out for yourself. Tweet me at @AliAbdaal to let me know what you think.

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To me, ‘productivity’ means ‘doing the right things efficiently’. It encompasses the principles, tactics and tools that help us manage our time, focus on what matters and execute consistently over the long term. Here are some pieces I’ve written and collected about the topic over the years. Let me know which ones you find useful by tweeting me at @AliAbdaal.

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If you want to find out my best tips for studying effectively, check out my articles. I've included 'how to' guides, reviews, new study techniques in the below, I hope you enjoy them.

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Notes, highlights and reviews from books I've read over the years.

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Tools & Tech

My favourite tools, tech, apps and everything in between.

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Apps dominate the screens of our phones and tablets, and because we all spend hours using their nifty little features each and everyday, I wanted to give them a little nod here. I'd love to hear what your favourite apps are - tweet me at @AliAbdaal!

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