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πŸŽ“ The Ultimate Guide to Studying

Studying for exams is one of the best things in the world. Isn't that right?

My Free, In-Depth Masterclass

The best way to learn about the most effective, evidence-based study techniques is to take my How to Study for Exams Masterclass on Skillshare. If you don't have a Skillshare subscription, you can sign up to a free 2-month trial. You can always cancel your subscription during the trial if you don't want to pay for it, although it's $10/month and a pretty worthwhile thing to subscribe to anyway.

How to Study for Exams - An Evidence-Based Masterclass | Ali Abdaal | Skillshare
Being able to study efficiently and effectively is a superpower. As students, it boost our grades, reduces our stress levels and frees up our time to do more i...

My Articles + Videos about Studying

If there's one thing that's going to completely transform our school, college or university experience, it's how to study effectively. But the weird thing about studying effectively is that we're never taught how to do it. We may get the odd bit of advice from a teacher but usually not much more than that.

But there's a large amount of scientific evidence out there that can tell us a lot about how to study in a way that maximises our results and minimises the amount of time we have to put in.

I discovered all this effective studying stuff when I was in my 2nd year of medical school, and it completely changed the game for me - not only in terms of making my studying more effective but it also freed up my time to start my own business and later my YouTube channel, while still getting pretty good exam results at university.


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How to study for exams - Evidence-based revision tips
🎬 Check out my FREE 36-video online class on how to study for exams - Today we’re learning how to study for exams with scientifically-...
How I ranked 1st at Cambridge University - The Essay Memorisation Framework
🎬 Check out my FREE 36-video online class on how to study for exams - In this video, I talk through the Essay Memorisation Framework t...
How I take notes on my iPad Pro in medical school - Cambridge University medical student
πŸ“My favourite iPad Screen Protector - Paperlike - 🎬 My FREE 4.5-hour 36-video online class on how to study for exams - https://skl....

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