My weekly email newsletter

My weekly email newsletter

Fancy getting a short, weekly email from me with motivation /inspiration /interesting links? Sign up to the mailing list here.

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I've recently started writing a weekly email newsletter. Please click here to see the previous issues.

The plan is to send a short, weekly email to anyone who cares containing some general thoughts for the week, maybe a link to an interesting article or two, and perhaps a small dose of motivation/inspiration/patient experience.

Also, I'm hoping email will be an easier way to chat you guys than Instagram DM because I can type at 10x the speed on my computer vs on my phone and therefore reply to more things more extensively. So yeah, if you ever want to get in touch, just sign up to the mailing list and you can reply to any of the emails.

That's it! If you like the idea of this, please enter your email below to subscribe. If not, that's totally cool - I know this won't be for everyone, and we can still be friends.

Have a lovely day!

PS: Even if you'd rather not get the actual email, you can always find the latest issues of the newsletter at

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