Prolific Beats Perfect


Hey friends,

I just listened to an amazing podcast episode.

Chris Do from The Futur was interviewing my friend, entrepreneur and author Dan Priestley about how to create a personal brand.

There were two lessons in there that I think apply to everyone.

🏗️ 1. Prolific Beats Perfect

The point of creating content (from a business perspective) is so that your audience develops a connection with you.

People increasingly want to buy things from other people, not faceless corporations. And the way to inspire people and deepen that relationship with them is through being prolific. Create things weekly, daily, finish projects quickly.

The more you create, the higher your chances of making that one video or blog post that strikes a chord.

In other words, quantity beats quality.

Take the Beatles, for example. They wrote on average one song every ~8 days for 12 years, and often multiple albums in a year. They didn’t spend years agonising over every little detail – but their songs are still legendary. If they’d been perfectionists, they probably wouldn’t have gotten as far as they did.

The point is – don’t don’t set your quality bar too high. Just get out there and create.

⏳ 2. Content is Time Travel

This is really true.

For example, Dan wrote his book Key Person of Influence 12 years ago. And all these years later, Chris Do read it, vibed with the ideas, and invited Dan onto his podcast.

So in a way, Dan-from-12-years-ago communicated with modern-day Chris in a time-travelly kind of way. And it let to new opportunities, with the two guys chatting on a podcast, becoming friends, and potentially working together on a business.

So remember – with every piece of content you put out there (especially on a platform with longevity, like YouTube or a blog), you’re leaving a breadcrumb trail that will lead interesting people to you in the future.

Have a great week!

Ali xx

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♥️ My Favourite Things

🚿 Hand-Held Bidet – Original Happy Po. This thing is amazing. Way cleaner and better in every way than just wiping away with dry paper. If you’ve never tried it, you’re missing out…

📽️ Productivity App – ClickUp. My team and I are testing ClickUp for video-making + content management. It’s easier to use for those things than Notion. For example, when you move a video over to ‘Needs Editing’ in the kanban board, that item will automatically be added as a ‘to-do’ on the editor’s dashboard.

🐦 Twitter Account – Dan Go (@FitFounder) Dan’s a high-end performance coach who I came across via his amazing Twitter threads. I DM’d him about fitness coaching, and we’ve started working together. I’ve essentially outsourced any thinking about my fitness goals, and already eating better and doing more workouts because of it. I highly recommend you check out Dan’s Twitter.

🎙️Podcast – Mark Manson on the Tim Ferriss Show. Great episode. Mark discussed the ‘price of success’ and how to hire a creative team. They also talked about needing to spend more time on your health as you get older. Which made me glad that I’m building good habits early.

🎬 My New Videos

🤑 I Asked Millionaires How They Got Rich – I’ve interviewed a few different multi-millionaires on my podcast in the past 18 months, and spoken to all of them about how they made their money. In this video I go through the 5 key ideas I learned from them.

🚀 How to overcome the fear of getting started – I get asked a lot about overcoming the fear of getting started with something new, so in this video, which I recorded during a livestream, I share my favourite pieces of advice.

✍️ Quote of the Week

Money’s greatest intrinsic value—and this can’t be overstated—is its ability to give you control over your time.

From The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel. Resurfaced using Readwise.

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