The Curse of Knowledge


Hey friends,

As rarely as I say this, it’s been an emotional week on my end. We’ve just launched sales for the third cohort of the Part-Time YouTuber Academy and have already sold out 315 of our 400 spaces 🤯 If you’d like to join the party, you can click here – the live cohort course runs from 7th June to 14th July.

Earlier this week I was hanging out with pro YouTubers Zac and Jay. They’re working on some digital products and were suffering from lots of imposter syndrome.

I found myself giving a bunch of advice I wish I’d known a year ago when I started making online courses and digital products myself. And they seemed to really resonate with it.

Yet, the whole time, in my mind, I was thinking ‘What I’m saying sounds really obvious’. I was even scared of being patronising. But it was all genuinely amazing to them.

Every so often I get to appreciate the curse of knowledge. At one point, this knowledge was new to me, but now that I’ve internalised it, it’s become obvious to me. That means that I struggle to appreciate that it can be mind-blowing to others. And these mind-blowing things don’t always come from experts. Often they come from people still figuring it out, who are just one small step ahead.

We all probably have a lot of amazing advice to give. Amazing advice that seems painfully obvious to us, on things we’re not even experts in.

So here’s my question to you this week – what are you holding yourself back from teaching because you’re worried it’s too obvious?

Have a great week!


PS: If you’re considering starting or growing a YouTube channel, and you’re willing to put some serious time and effort into it, with a wholesome community of others doing the same, you might like to check out my live cohort online course, the Part-Time YouTuber Academy. We launched a few days ago, and we’ve got 85 spots left (with a load of scholarships available too). Click here to learn more.

❤️ My Favourite Things This Week

  1. Board Game – I recently discovered Monopoly Deal. It’s the new and improved version of Monopoly, with a lot less faff and quicker to play. So I can have more time to get back to being productive. I would recommend it next time you’re picking a board game.
  2. Song – My friend introduced me to Driver’s License by Olivia Rodrigo and I’ve been listening to it on repeat. I’m even trying to learn fingerstyle guitar to learn to play it. I’ll probably upload my attempts to Instagram at some point.
  3. Apps – I’ve been thinking of minimising my app ecosystem, a path which has taken me right back to Apple Notes and Apple Reminders. And they’re both really solid.
  4. Investing App – Beyond that, I’ve been playing around with individual stock trading on Freetrade. It’s got a lovely interface which makes dabbling easy (sadly it’s UK only). Overall, I still recommend index funds (I explain things in more detail here if you’re in the mood). If you sign up with my link, we both get a free share, which is pretty cool.

✍️ Quote of the Week

“Perhaps the clearest indicator of your internal identity is your external environment. If you are comfortable in certain environments, what does that say about you?”

From Willpower Doesn’t Work – Benjamin Hardy. Resurfaced using Readwise.

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