Cal Newport: The Secrets of Slow Productivity

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🎙 About The Episode

In this episode of Deep Dive, I sit down with Cal Newport the author of “Slow Productivity” and we explore the pitfalls of following your passion, the principles of deep work, and the balance between consistency and bursts of intensity when it comes to creative work. We also discuss balancing consistency with bursts of intensity, managing multiple projects, structuring your job to prevent burnout and the value of slow, deliberate efforts for long-term success. I hope you enjoy the episode 🙂

00:00 The Concept of Slow Productivity and Deep Work

11:16 Challenges of Following Your Passion

28:02 Managing Multiple Projects 31:30 The Evolution of Creative Processes

31:59 Redefining Productivity

38:29 Balancing Work and Life: Setting Boundaries and Managing Distractions

43:21 Challenges and Insights of The Art of Writing

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