‘Tell People Your Goals!’: The Secret To Accomplishing Anything – Cliff Weitzman

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🎙 About The Episode

Have you ever wondered how CEOs manage to pull off the impossible and achieve their wildest dreams? Do you have goals that seem so huge you don’t think you’ll ever accomplish them? Well today’s guest is relentless about pursuing his goals, and along the way he has achieved some incredible things. Cliff Weitzman is the founder and CEO of Speechify, the text-to-speech software used by 25 million people worldwide and is growing to rival Audible. Cliff started this company as a student, with the simple mission of making reading more accessible for people with learning differences – and since then the company has gone from strength to strength. This is Cliff’s second appearance on Deep Dive, and in this conversation you’ll hear all about how Cliff built Speechify from scratch, how to found your own company, and how Cliff sets his goals – and achieves them. Enjoy x


Cliff’s journey

Learning how to code

How Cliff built his network

Building Speechify

Scaling Speechify

How to found your own company

Do you need a work-life balance when starting a business?


Overcoming challenges

Understanding ADHD

Audiobook innovations

The benefits of Speechify

Fitness insights

Cliff’s relationship with money

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