Unlock Financial Freedom: Secrets From A $50 Million Portfolio – Codie Sanchez

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My guest this week has an incredibly inspiring story. Codie Sanchez started her career as a journalist covering human trafficking, and was confronted with extreme violence and the worst of humanity on a daily basis. Realising that she didn’t want to be someone who, in her own words, had to ‘fight for a living’ she decided to take a hard pivot into finance. Since entering the world of finance, Codie became partner at private equity firm EEC, and built First Trust’s $1 billion+ AUM Latin America business. She’s also the co-founder of ‘Unconventional Acquisitions’ and the founder of ‘Contrarian Thinking’ who have a mission to bring more people into financial freedom. In the conversation we talk about how, just like Codie’s career, human beings don’t have linear paths, we talk about the question of whether you need periods of struggle in order to achieve wealth, happiness and success. As well as advice for women in the workplace and leadership and we finish by covering a handful of truths that will make you more money than any business degree. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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