Confronting my CEO coach – Eric Partaker

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🎙 About The Episode

In part 2 of my conversation with CEO coach Eric Partaker, he shares his three-pillar approach to scaling companies, handling unexpected challenges, transitioning from founder to CEO, and the importance of networking in building a successful business. He also provides actionable tips for strategic thinking, time management, and overcoming resistance. Let me know what you think in the comments!

00:00 Introduction

03:49 From Financial Success to Continued Work

07:12 Finding Work-Life Balance

10:45 The Impact of Neglecting Health and Relationships

14:08 Scaling the Company: The CEO Pillar of Leadership

21:36 The Fun Challenge of Weekend Freedom

25:01 Building and Accumulating Over Time

29:05 The Human Desire for Achievement

32:44 The Importance of a Business Approach

36:10 Creating a Long-lasting Impact

39:45 Life Happens While You’re Making Other Plans

43:08 Building a Strong Network

46:30 Strategic Thinking and Time Management

50:48 The Struggle with Time Management

54:32 Identifying the Most Impactful Areas of Focus

58:06 The Benefits of Chunking Down Tasks

01:01:17 Anchoring Yourself in the Present Moment

01:04:31 Striving from a Place of Satisfaction

01:08:01 Feeling Mentally Deviated and Off-Track

01:11:18 The Gap in Action

01:13:31 Choosing the Pain of Discipline

01:14:10 Starting and Maintaining Momentum

01:14:27 Overcoming Resistance and Self-Sabotage

01:15:13 Developing Discipline as a Skill

01:15:18 Hacking Your Brain to Get Started

01:15:59 Pushing Past the Initial Resistance

01:16:20 The Business Coaching Bundle

01:16:52 Improving Business Performance

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