How Anyone Can Develop The Mindset Of A Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneur – Daniel Priestley

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“Five core strengths make someone a key person of influence, and like any other skills, anyone can learn and develop these strengths”. Daniel Priestly is a serial entrepreneur and the author of five best selling books. This is a quote taken from his book *Oversubscribed*, which is my most highlighted book on kindle of hundred’s of books in my library. In the episode, Daniel gives us a systemised business masterclass, we start by tracing his backstory, discussing how he started his first company at 21 and made over 10 million in the space of 3 years, before diving into the lessons from his books that teach us how anymore can start a business while still working a full-time job with the right skills and mindset. Enjoy!

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Isaac Mitchell
Isaac Mitchell
4 months ago

Hey Ali & Team!
Thank you so much for this podcast, I’ve found your insights motivational and the solution mindset inspirational in pursuing my own project. 
I don’t want to take away from your amazing work however the link to access the transcript of this podcast doesn’t work and loops me back to this page and there doesn’t appear to be a work around local to the site. Would you or your team be able to point me in the right direction? 
P.s. hitting ‘s’ to subscribe is also a great feature however it makes writing feedback difficult. As I keep being kicked out of the comment box. 
Hope you have a wonderful day.