Does Money Buy Happiness? A Conversation with Deca-Millionaires 😉

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🎙 About The Episode

In this episode, Patrick, Matt, and I get real about our personal journeys with wealth and how it’s shaped our lives, from defining our identities to managing lifestyle costs and finding purpose and fulfilment beyond financial success. We delve into the concept of ‘enough’ and why knowing when we have all we need is crucial. I hope you enjoy!

00:00 Introduction

02:20 Personal Experiences with Wealth

05:05 The Impact of Wealth on Extremes

09:49 Financial Security and Stress

12:40 Money Insecurities

21:32 Decision-Making

24:51 Finding Purpose and Fulfilment

25:21 The Concept of ‘Enough’

28:09 The Impact of Wealth on Children

31:34 The Importance of Experiences

36:13 Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness: It’s How You Use It

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8 days ago

As someone that is trying to work on the concept of enough, and stop being influenced by misplaced values, this was by far the best video I listened to this year. Thank you for making it. Please do more like this as it really helps bring things back to the essentials