5 Skills To Succeed in ANY Career – Helen Tupper (Squiggly Careers)

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For a lot of us, navigating our future careers can feel like an uncertain and anxiety-inducing time. You might find yourself asking questions like: how do I know that I’m on the right path? Is my job truly fulfilling me? Am I using all my strengths and developing in my role? Do I really have to do this for the next 50 years of my working like? But among all this uncertainty you might be feeling, one thing is for certain – careers, as we’ve traditionally known them, are changing for the better. Gone are the days when a single career path and job ladder could define us for a lifetime. Instead, the world is moving towards a more exciting, fluid and non-linear model, where the focus is on talents over job titles and new possibilities over career plans — this is known as the squiggly career. And in this episode I’m here with Helen Tupper co-author of the No.1 Sunday Times Business Bestseller ‘The Squiggly Career: Ditch the Ladder, Discover Opportunity, Design Your Career’ to talk about how we can navigate this change and develop the skills to successfully traverse the ‘squiggly career’ and maximise our potential for growth and opportunity. Helen has held leadership roles at Microsoft, Virgin and BP and is now CEO of Amazing If, an award-winning career development company with a mission to make work better for everyone. Her love of learning has led her to study at Henley, Cranfield and Cass Business School. Helen is a trustee for the Working Families charity and a Fellow of The RSA and lives. Along with co-authoring her two books ‘The Squiggly Career’ and most recently ‘You Coach You’ with Sarah Ellis, they also host the No.1 Careers podcast. Enjoy the episode!

Season 6 Episode 7



Your background

What is a squiggly career?

Think about talents not titles

Our obsession with the career ladder

The accidental meaning hypothesis

How do people end up in jobs they don’t enjoy?

Career fulfilment vs money

Skill 1

Skill 2

Skill 3

Skill 4

Skill 5

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