How to Scale your Startup with Growth Levers: Matt Lerner

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🎙 About The Episode

In this episode of Deep Dive, I’m thrilled to interview Matt Lerner, the founder of SYSTM and author of “Growth Levers.” Matt shares his wisdom on helping startups uncover their big growth levers, the challenges of decision-making and the pitfalls of focusing only on revenue. We also explore growth strategies like viral and authentic videos and the necessity of engaging and retaining viewers through positive feedback loops. This episode is packed with practical tips and strategies. I hope you find listening to it as enjoyable as I found recording it 🙂

00:00 Uncovering Growth Levers

12:45 Aligning Organisational Pieces for Growth

28:43 Deciding Which Ideas to Pursue

39:17 The Importance of Fresh Content

46:15 Measuring Monthly Returning Viewers and Conversion Rates

55:26 Monetisation Strategies: Sponsorships, Affiliates, and Own Products

01:19:07 Simplifying and Consolidating for Focus

01:24:13 Leveraging Podcast Episodes for YouTube Videos

01:32:23 Reevaluating the Business Model

02:01:01 De-risking the Business

02:06:26 Unlocking Bottlenecks

02:12:43 Doing Fewer Things and Making More Mistakes

02:21:30 Building a Portfolio of Small Businesses

02:28:22 The Importance of Clear Hypotheses and Documentation

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