Louise Perry: The Case Against the Sexual Revolution

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πŸŽ™ About The Episode

Louise Perry is a journalist and author based in London. She is a columnist for UnHerd and the director of The Other Half, a new non-partisan feminist think tank, and the host of Maiden Mother Matriarch, a podcast about sexual politics. Last year, Louise released her first book β€˜A Case Against The Sexual Revolution’ and in this episode we break down the arguments and ideas of each chapter. The conversation does cover some pretty controversial topics so it’s worth remembering that, as with all the other Deep Dive episodes, we recommend you take what you hear with a pinch of salt, listen to what works for other people and take away the points that resonate with you most.

00:00 Intro
01:30 The response to your book
02:52 Liberal, radical and sex positive feminism
10:07 Your chapter titles
11:45 Ch1 – ‘Sex must be taken seriously’
12:50 Sexual disenchantment
28:15 Louise’s findings on sex work
34:27 Ch2 – ‘Men and women are different’
38:10 Why does on average matter?
42:09 Luxury beliefs
47:10 Psychological differences
52:11 Sociosexuality
01:01:55 Sexual disgust threshold (the ick)
01:08:30 Sexual modes and cheating
01:13:29 Dating apps
01:22:13 Hookup culture
01:29:43 Rape, sexual assault and consent
01:45:00 Prevention vs prosecution
01:50:06 Reactions to your final chapter
02:09:14 Your list of 4 questions

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