How To Find Your Purpose in Life – Vee Kativhu

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🎙 About The Episode

“What would you happily dedicate your time to for free? That thing is embedded in your purpose.” – Vee Kativhu

In this weeks episode I have the privilege of speaking to educational YouTuber, activist and author of Empowered: Life Your Life With Passion and Purpose, Vee Kativhu . In the conversation we talk about Vee’s journey through education, the challenges she faced, her mission for girls education and how she’s striving to empower others to follow their passion and purpose in life.

✨ Highlights from the conversation

“You’re always seen in your race and not just as a person so being a small group of you it’s magnified…” – Vee Kativhu [12:35]

“There is strength in your story there is strength in the journey you’ve walked be proud of it because if that’s what you can do when you didn’t have a lot imagine when you have the resources you’re going to be on stoppable…” – Vee Kativhu [25:50]

“You are worthy of everything you want you are worthy of being successful you can’t let your start determine your end…” – Vee Kativhu [32:14]

“Figure out what you can’t stay away from and don’t ignore the thing that’s living in your heart…” – Vee Kativhu [51:11]

“Finding your purpose isn’t final it’s what Michelle Obama says you’re always becoming…” – Vee Kativhu [52:50]

“You can’t give the world 100% when you don’t know what that looks like for you…I will never try and show up when I haven’t showed up for me” – Vee Kativhu [1:02:50]

“What is that thing that you can’t get off your mind…or anytime you have chance to do free things, you’re researching it, like you just can’t stay away from it. What is that thing? That thing has something in you that is driving you…” – Vee Kativhu [01:05:26]

“The thing about goals is they don’t lock you into anything, if your goal is locking you into something you’re doing something wrong, they need to be adjustable, they need to have context…” Vee Kativhu – [01:07:27]

“Failure is another chance to try again. And I really mean this. When I say failure is like my fuel. Like, I I thrive from it…” – Vee Kativhu [01:52:00]

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