Economist’s Insider Reveals How Humanity Can Outsmart AI’s Risks

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🎙 About The Episode

Everyday we’re hearing more and more about the benefits – and risks – of AI. It seems like it’s either going to transform the world, or destroy it. So what’s the truth? Is AI really as dangerous as some people think? In this episode I sit down with big data expert Kenneth Cukier. Kenneth has written multiple books about tech and AI, and he’s currently an executive editor at The Economist. In this conversation we talk all about how AI really works, how we can protect ourselves from it, and the many benefits humans have in comparison to their computer counterparts. We also chat about the moral problems of the modern world and how to be come a more well-rounded thinker. Kenneth is such an intelligent and thoughtful man – I learned so much from him I’m sure you will do too. Enjoy! Season 7 Episode 9


Ken’s background in AI and big data

The possibilities of big data in medicine

Kenneth’s book – Big Data

The basics of AI

How computers learn

The benefits of AI

The difference between AI and humans

Are there existential risks from AI?

The moral problems of the modern world

Will AI take our jobs?

What advantages do humans have over AI?

Working at The Economist

Becoming well-read

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