Dr Alex George Reveals The Secrets To Become 10% Happier Everyday

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🎙 About The Episode

From my experience working as a doctor, it’s very clear that we don’t treat mental health in the same way as physical health. And even though awareness about mental health has grown in the past decade or so, we still have a long way to go when it comes to understanding this topic and changing our attitudes towards mental health. Someone at the front of the campaign to change the conversation around mental health is Dr Alex George. Dr Alex is a TV doctor, best-selling author, and Youth Mental Health Ambassador to the government. Alex has become a well-known and respected figure amongst healthcare professionals in the UK, from his years as an A&E doctor, bringing the nation accessible and reassuring advice directly from the frontline throughout the pandemic. Alex is on a mission to improve mental health support for young people and has become prolific throughout the UK in his campaigning for Early Support Hubs and he’s recently published his latest book The Mind Manual: Mental Fitness Tools For Everyone – which we dive into during this episode. In the conversation, we talk about how to assess your mental health and understand the baseline that’s normal for you, we talk about how to build mental fitness and navigate feelings like anxiety and loneliness, and also discuss some of the ‘universal truths’ from Alex’s new book that everyone needs to remember. Enjoy 🙂


What is mental fitness?

How does someone know what normal is?

Why we have high suicide rates amongst men

The hardest thing about mental health

The power of therapy

Dealing with anxiety and ADHD


Losing your brother

The stigma of mental health

The wheel of life exercise

How to set boundaries

How to deal with imposter syndrome

The mind manual

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