A Millionaires Masterclass In Business, Side-Hustles and Passive Income – Mark Tilbury

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🎙 About The Episode

If you’re a fan of YouTube you’ll probably be familiar with the name Mark Tilbury. Mark is self-made millionaire and social media educator who teaches business, personal finance and investing to millions and especially the next generation. Mark has an incredibly inspiring story. He left school at 16 with no qualifications or money, and his first job was making wooden trash cans, and it paid less than $2 per hour. He took the risk to start his own business and 30 years later he is a 7-figure CEO. In the conversation we talk about all things entrepreneurship including how to start your first physical or online business, what it really means to think like an entrepreneur and the power of passive income. Mark believes anyone can become wealthy by thinking like an investor & entrepreneur and hopefully this episode will show you how you can too.

00:00 Intro
01:32 Your background
03:20 Should you go to university?
13:00 Selling your time and starting YouTube
18:40 Changing career paths
23:45 How much is entrepreneurship innate?
31:00 Your initial business
34:31 How to get a business off the ground
45:11 What is a business?
49:12 Why people struggle to charge more?
01:01:37 Physical vs online businesses
01:08:05 Buying vs renting
01:10:17 Common questions around finance
01:19:09 Die with zero vs generational wealth
01:23:16 How important is work life balance?
01:27:12 Running a business with your son
01:29:33 What’s your end game?
01:31:51 Levels of wealth
01:40:16 Your interview with Andrew Tate

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