Business Masterclass: How Anyone Can Build A Million Dollar Brand – Chris Ducker

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🎙 About The Episode

Have you ever wondered how to build a personal brand? It might seem super difficult to become well known in a space if you’re just starting out, but there are some tips and tricks which will level up your reputation and the opportunities which come your way. In this episode of Deep Dive, I chat with Chris Ducker, an entrepreneur and business mentor who helps people build online business which will last well into the future. We chat about how you can build a personal brand, produce great online content, and how to become a ‘Youpreneur’ who stands out from the crowd. Enjoy!

Season 7 Episode 8

Chris’ life story

Why we don’t like the word ‘sales’

What is a personal brand?

How to build a personal brand

Building a long-term reputation

Producing valuable online content and products

Can anyone build a profitable personal brand?

Finding and serving a specific niche

Becoming a ‘Youprenuer’

Should you hire a virtual assistant?

Balancing health and relationships with work

Final recommendations and advice

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