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🎙 About The Episode

Have you ever thought about making a living as an online writer or content creator? Today’s guest quit his job at McDonald’s to write on Twitter full time, and within months he had grown his page from nothing to 1.5 million followers, just from writing one thread a day. Sheehan Quirke is the man behind The Cultural Tutor, a huge (and until now faceless) Twitter page all about art, culture, and history. In this conversation we’ll talk about Sheehan’s road to success, the power of writing online, and the importance of sharing your thoughts and feelings with the world. This is a great insight into how you can change your life by writing and following your passions. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Sheehan’s backstory

The power of writing online

Building a following on Twitter

Growing The Cultural Tutor page

The research and writing process

The tension between business and art

Sheehan’s writing process

Leading a meaningful life

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