How Writing Online Will Make You A Millionaire – Nathan Barry

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πŸŽ™ About The Episode

There are loads of people out there who want to be become online creators, but they’re not sure how to get going, or if their business will be a success. It can be a super confusing world to navigate – but once you unlock it you can find financial freedom and a fulfilling career. Today’s guest is Nathan Barry, an online writer and software developer who created Convertkit, a product that helps people with online newsletters reach new audiences. We’re going to be talking all about how to build an online creator business, how to make writing a habit, and you’ll see exactly how Nathan built his ebook empire. Enjoy!

Season 7 Episode 11


Making money is a skill

Having a job vs. having a business

You set the pace

Do you need to level up your skills?

Setting big goals

Nathan’s first apps

Getting into ebooks

Writing 1000 words a day

Working in public

How to make writing a habit

Publishing and managing your projects

Running a personal blog

Being honest about yourself online

The ladders of wealth

The billion-dollar creator

The three laws of flywheels

Final words of advice

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3 months ago

Hi Ali!
Thank you for this brilliant podcast episode.
Today was an extra day that we all were gifted since it’s a leap year- and I told myself that the next time this day occurs – 4 years later, my life will look very different from the way it looks right now. This video found me at exactly the right moment, as it’s the push I needed on that thought trajectory. Why shouldn’t I monetise off of something I’m good at and love doing?
Thanks again for the incredible value you put out into the world and you do it in a way that does not feel overwhelming- something even a young teen would understand and follow. I’m 27, and I’ve “wasted” years of my life not believing in myself enough to monetise off of the skills I have and want to build on, and you’re teaching me to do that strategically.
(Obviously, I’ve just come out of a rabbit hole of your content, teehee!)
(PS: I’m putting you on my vision board. Let’s see what comes of that!)