Caspar Lee: How He Built A 10+ Million YouTube Following In His 20s (And Why He Quit)

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Caspar Lee is a serial entrepreneur, investor and an OG YouTuber who’s become one of the most successful content creators of his generation. Caspar gained popularity on YouTube from the age of 17 where his channel that featured sketches, interviews and lifestyle content. Through the growth of his channel he’s collaborated world’s biggest stars like Ed Sheeran, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Anna Kendrick. In 2019 Caspar stopped posting on YouTube to become and serial entrepreneur co-founding a bunch of companies including, Margravine Management, Creator Ventures and Proper Living. He’s also a board member of the Princes Trust RISE and was listed in Forbes 30 Under 30. In the conversation we talk about his journey through YouTube, his experience with burnout, tourettes, and his business advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Enjoy!

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