Navigating Quarter-Life Crisis: Unpacking the Psychology of Your 20s – Jemma Sbeghen

Jemma Sbeghen with Ali Abdaal quarter life crisis Jemma Sbeghen with Ali Abdaal quarter life crisis Jemma Sbeghen with Ali Abdaal quarter life crisis
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If navigating your 20s feels like a race against time, you’re not alone. You might be anxious about whether you’re on the right path (like whether you should stick to a conventional career or go traveling), you might be struggling to find your ‘true self’ (like what your purpose and passions are), or your might be struggling to balance your relationships with your 9-5 job. Let’s face it. The period of our 20s isn’t the easiest to navigate. In this episode of Deep Dive, I’m chatting with Jemma Sbeghen.

Jemma is the podcast host of The Psychology Of Your 20s. The podcast talks through some of the big life challenges and changes of your 20s and what they mean for our psychology. Jemma has a degree in psychology and started her podcast during the covid lockdown where she applied psychological concepts she’d learned to the common problems people face in their 20s. Including everything from imposter syndrome, to break ups and existential crisis’. In its first year, the podcast catapulted to Spotify’s top 10 podcast charts in the US, UK, and Australia. In the episode we talk about this feeling of uncertainty, often known as the quarter-life crisis, how to navigate these feelings filtering into different aspects of our life. As well as talking about the habits we can develop in our 20s to help us feel more in tune and at peace with our relationships, careers and identity.

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