Dopamine Detox: How To Stop Overstimulation Ruining Your Life – Hector Hughes

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πŸŽ™ About The Episode

In a world where we’re always on, always attuned to the constant buzz of notifications and glued to the never ending scroll, it’s no wonder that overstimulation and burnout are on the rise. Globally, people have an of average 6 hours 58 minutes of screen time per day (according to the Average Screen Time Stats 2023) and when you look at an entire week that’s over 46hrs, almost two whole days a week, spent on devices – which is pretty mind blowing. But what kind of impact is this time spent on the digital hamster wheel having on our focus, motivation and overall health? How do we block out the noise and focus on what really matters to be happier and healthier people. Today I’m joined by Hector Hughes. Hector is the co-founder of Unplugged who provide digital detoxes at minimalist, off-grid cabins in nature across the UK to help the always-on, switch off. In the episode, we’ll talk about how Hector started his business after overcoming burnout, all things digital detox and how important it is to unplug in our increasingly digital dependent world, what the consequences are if we don’t and a few hacks for developing a healthier relationship with tech. Enjoy!

Season 6 Episode 8



Your experience with burnout

What are the signs of burnout

3 types of burnout

Struggling to have feelings

Trauma and psychosexual therapy

What if you just turned down your fear

Daily challenges to self-worth

Experiencing a silent retreat

Meditation practice

Overstimulation and developing self-awareness

Eye opening moments from the retreat

Taking the space and time matters

How Unplugged cabins work

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