Stop Wasting Your Life: A Guide To Unlocking Your Full Potential I Entrepreneur Jodie Cook

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🎙 About The Episode

Jodie Cook has built an incredible empire – she’s an award-winning entrepreneur and author, as well as being a champion powerlifter. In this episode of Deep Dive, we chat about some of the tools and systems you can use to unlock your true potential. Whether it’s starting your own business, freeing up your mind for more creativity, or just getting the most out of everyday, Jodie’s insights and actionable tips are going to help reach towards your biggest dreams and ambitions. This episode gave me so much to think about and reflect on, and I hope you enjoy too!

Season 7 Episode 5


Jodie’s backstory

The education conveyor-belt

Can anyone be an entrepreneur?

Making the most of set-backs

Starting a social media marketing agency

Jodie’s software company

What is a lifestyle business?

If you won the lottery, would your life change?

The personal success system

Keeping in touch with people

The Ten-Year Career

Is more always better?


Effortless creativity

Managing your schedule

Obsession vs. hobby

Having productive relationships

What makes a top team member

Relationship rituals

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