Why Productivity Ruins Your Life with Productivity Expert Oliver Burkeman

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The average human lifespan is around 4,000 weeks – this sounds scary but it’s also incredibly empowering. Journalist and Author Oliver Burkeman says that facing our finitude and how little control we have over our lives is key to living a truly fulfilling and meaningfully productive life.

For many years Oliver wrote a popular weekly column on psychology, happiness and productivity for The Guardian called ‘This Column Will Change Your Life’ and has recently released his latest book ‘Four Thousand Weeks: Time And How To Use It’ which looks at how our obsessiveness with being busy and trying to master our time can actually make us more unhappy, avoid important decisions about our future and make us less in control of our lives. In the conversation we discuss what most productivity gurus get wrong about productivity, how you will never get everything done and why you should start embracing the fact of human finitude.

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