The Money Expert: “Don’t Buy A House” 5 Principles For Financial Success – Rob Dix

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When it comes to building wealth and getting rich, a lot of us want a quick fix answer / that miracle thing that will make us a millionaire. But really there’s no secret formula to get rich quick and personal finance is actually pretty straightforward, but a lot of us tend to shy away from learning about how money really works and where it comes from because we find it boring or because it requires us to do that slightly scary thing of projecting 20 years ahead. So today we have a guest to help us simplify all things money and finance in a digestible way. Rob Dix is an investment fund adviser, co-presenter of one of the UK’s most popular business podcasts (The Property Podcast) which I’m a big fan of, and the author of four best-selling books about property investment. Rob’s most recent book The Price Of Money: How to Prosper in a Financial World That’s Rigged Against You, is the book he wished he had on the topic money growing up, because despite the fact humans spend their entire lives trying to earn more money very few of us understand how it works and the best way to use it.

Season 6 Episode 11


Why did you decide to write a book about money?

We’re never ‘taught’ about money

What is money? And why don’t people understand it?

How is the financial system rigged against us?

How does inflation work?

Surge pricing

State funding and taxation

Wealth tax and why the government borrows

Productivity in economics

We’re 50yrs into a financial experiment

Rate of inflation is higher than the rate of interest

Principle 1

Principle 2

Principle 3

Principle 4

Principle 5

What habits cost people the most financially?

Managing finances as a couple

Why do prefer to rent?

How much should buying property be a goal?

Getting on the property ladder

Your property business and team

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