The Difference Between Healthy and Toxic Relationships

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In today’s episode, we’re going to be hearing from a group of relationship experts to find out about how we can make our love lives more fulfilling and meaningful. From dating advice to how to handle conflict in long-term relationships, these conversations should give you everything you need to not only find a partner, but maintain a healthy relationship, too. I learned so much from these guests – Matthew Hussey and Logan Ury’s advice on compatibility and going on second dates is brilliant, and hearing from the Gottmans and Hannah Witton about positive communication has really improved and strengthened my own relationship. And I even discuss the importance of alone time with Francesca Specter, so we can all remember that it’s important to take care of ourselves as well. This episode should have something for everyone – I hope this helps you in your quest for long-lasting love. Enjoy x


Understanding your value

Prom date vs. life partner

Healthy conflict resolution

The power of purposeful communication

Together-alone time

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